Raga Centers

We are delighted to announce the launch of RAGA CENTERS, IndianRaga’s on-the-ground network of creative arts training centers in North America! Offering lessons in Chantilly, VA.

Current offerings:

March-April Workshops:

Offering month long workshops in Carnatic, Hindustani and Bollywood music. Sign up to learn new songs today!

Carnatic vocals: Enrollment is now open for our Carnatic Vocal, Beginner and Intermediate classes.

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Hindustani vocals: Please click here for the syllabus.

Our courses are designed to help students prepare for the IndianRaga Certification.

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Past Offerings:

MS Subbulakshmi songs workshop


What are Raga Centers?

Raga Centers ​(Raga literally means that which colors the mind) ​follow IndianRaga’s award-winning approach to music education, perfectly balancing authenticity and rich concepts from tradition with modern-day relevance for a global, 21st century ​learner and ​performer. We teach not only the traditional compositions and styles but also modern-day concepts such as projection, dynamics and presentation techniques for today’s performers to shine both on a live stage and in a professional recording setup. Instructors at Raga Centers bring wisdom from rigorous training and are further trained by IndianRaga Teacher Training Modules to impart instruction in a way that inspires and empowers ​the ​young ​and adults!

Meaning of Raga
1) There is a saying in Sanskrit – “Ranjayathi iti Ragah” – which means, “that which colours the mind is a raga.
2) A raga or raag (literally “colour, hue” but also “beauty, melody“)

What Raga Centers offer:

Students at Raga Centers will have easy access to IndianRaga resources such as:

  • Music Lessons
  • Online Assessments and Certifications
  • Periodic Feedback from a national panel of experts
  • Master Classes, Collaborations and Advanced Training
  • Performance opportunities
  • Monthly workshops

Students will also receive guidance and discounts for other IndianRaga offerings:

  • IndianRaga Fellowship
  • Raga Labs, DIY Raga Labs
  • IndianRaga Certification