IndianRaga Performance Feedback

IndianRaga Performance Feedback is a quick and easy feedback service for aspiring musicians and dancers. You can upload a 5-min video of your performance and receive detailed, timestamp-based feedback on your strengths and weaknesses from one of our senior experts. This will help you consciously work on key areas for improvement, set goals and get to the next level. IndianRaga Performance Feedback can be taken any number of times.

If you are an aspiring performer of music or dance, but have little or no formal training, it can often be confusing as to what your strengths are and how you should move forward. Should you learn a classical art form? Which one? What are you good at and what do you need to work on? Those around may have a lot of advice to offer, but you would benefit best from expert advice based on your current abilities. Hence you should register for IndianRaga Performance Feedback!

Just take a simple video of a 5 min performance of yours – music or dance – and simply send us the link. Please Register to get the details to submit the performance video. We will have one of our senior experts review it in detail within 15 days, and provide you a detailed analysis of your strengths and weaknesses, advice on key focus areas, and how you should proceed to get to the next level.

Once you make some progress, you can take the assessment again to evaluate how well you are doing. When you get to a level where you are ready to showcase your talent, our experts will suggest specific IndianRaga programs that can help you take the next step. You will have the benefit of our expertise and experience in your artistic journey!