Online Raga Labs

What is Online Raga Lab?

Online Raga Labs is a music collaboration in a group of 4-6 that you can do with like-minded peers. It is a modular program designed to help you go from concept to a full-fledged professional music video.

Doing this Lab requires everyone to have a good mic at home, like the Blue Yeti or a similar condenser mic to record audio. It also needs them to have the ability to take simple, static video footage with a DSLR or a high-quality smartphone that can take HD footage.

Apply Here and we will get back to you if you are ready for a Raga Lab!  As a special Offer, there is no application fee.

What are the Stages in Online Raga Lab?

Application: Apply as an individual to get evaluated
Collaboration: Collaborate with mentor to structure a piece
Audio: Each participant records audio and we get it mixed
Video: Each participant records video and we get it edited
Release: Release on Raga Labs channel.

What is the program fee?

Each group should comprise of minimum of 6 musicians. Each participant pays $275 towards program fee for the Lab.  This includes mentorship,  audio mixing, video editing and release and promotion on our social media channels.  Each participant to bear the expenses towards audio and video recording.


Raga Labs kick off with the collaboration stage. Under a Raga Labs mentor, your team brainstorms ideas, puts together a structure to your music piece, refines it to make it unique and interesting, and gets ready for production. The basic package includes 4 sessions of mentorship, but you can add on more if you need more help at an additional fee.

Each participant to record his/her audio as per the specifications given by the mentor. Once the final audio is ready, each participant to do the video recording.

Once the video is ready, our panel will review and see its suitability for release. If the quality of the content (not production) meets our artistic standards, the video will be released on Raga Labs, otherwise the team will be given the video and they can decide to release on their own. Raga Labs branding templates will be added for release on our channel.

What are the Benefits of doing Online Raga Lab?

1. Regular music lessons focus on individual performance. Raga Labs train you to collaborate with other artists and apply your skills to creating your own piece. This will complement your regular lessons by making you a more well-rounded artist.
2. Learning audio and video production basics is a critical skill for every artist in the 21st century. Raga Labs helps you develop these fundamental skills
3. The goal of producing a professional video helps you develop discipline and perfection in every aspect of your performance including technical as well as performance skill. For both adults and kids, it boosts motivation and excitement to continue training and performing.
4. Releasing your Raga Lab on social media will get you featured to a core audience of over 1 million across Raga Lab’s social media channels. They are also shared to the IndianRaga social media channels boosting the reach even more!

Read our FAQs below. If you still have questions, email

Teams can have the sessions via Google Hangout or any other online tool. The Mentor also conducts the sessions online only.

Once the group is confirmed, everyone will decide a specific day and time every week with the Coordinator – which means it will definitely be convenient for you. We cannot decide this before you sign up unfortunately

No. Once you join a team, it is a start-to-end commitment to produce a wonderful video with them. It is not possible to leave or join in the middle

This is definitely for both adults and kids. Groups are decided to ensure that all members in the group have similar caliber. Since Raga Labs is not for Beginners you do not run the risk of working with someone who is not talented. While signing up if you do have a group in mind, you can give it a name, and each applicant should mention that in the form while signing up. If multiple members of the group are selected, we are happy to let them work together.

Currently we are not promoting Online Raga Labs for Dance genres.