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Student Page

IndianRaga Music Academy invites students who want to excel in their musical career.  Classes will be held over Webex individually or in groups of 3.   The student can sign up for a free session with the instructor during which the student and instructor can discuss and match the requirements.   IndianRaga has partnered with expert teachers who follow the IndianRaga Certification course curriculum.

Sign up below to schedule a FREE session with the teacher.

How Does This Work :

Learning packages are flexible, and can be taken as a monthly subscription or a pre-decided set of hours.

Sessions happen in groups of 3 online, and participants have the advantage of observing and learning in collaboration with others and train together. You can also request for individual sessions if you like.



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Music Academy: Schedule a Free Session

  • Which language(s) are you looking to train in? We have different instructors and packages for different languages
  • Give information about your previous training
  • Please post a youtube link that is Public or Unlisted. It can be a past performance or a simple home recording


Packages Offered:

Monthly Subscription (4 classes; one per week):
(Includes IndianRaga Silver Membership which offers free entry to monthly contests and one certification.)
Individual: $180 per 4 weeks
Group (max 3 in a group): $80 per 4 weeks per student

10-hour Package:
Individual: $450
Group (max 3 in a group): $200 per student

Class Timings:

Pl note that the timings may vary with the instructor and can be finalized during/after the free trial.
Classes will be scheduled between 6:30 and 7:30 am EST on weekdays
For people in the US West Coast, the timings can be between 9:30 and 10:30pm PST on weekdays

Free Sessions can be scheduled on Tuesdays and Thursdays at 9pm EST or 9pm PST