Music Academy

Music Academy

IndianRaga has partnered with handpicked, authentic instructors in Carnatic classical and Hindustani classical vocal music. We are offering online music lessons for any student in any part of the world. Classes can be individual or in groups of 3 to suit your budget and needs, and will be taken via Webex (Recordings will be made available to practice after class).

We know that picking the right instructor is the most critical step. Our instructors are trained to be respectful and encouraging, and will guide you carefully to bring out your best. You can review instructor profiles, and take a free 20-min session with an instructor of your choice to see if he/she fits your needs and ask any questions that can help you decide. In addition to having an instructor, students of IndianRaga Academy can also opt to speak with an IndianRaga Expert every three months to discuss their musical journey and progress, and understand how to better align it with their needs – For instance, those who wish to pursue a rigorous classical training to perform as classical artists versus those who wish to learn the basics to be able to apply it to more semi-classical performances as they grow. We are able to help you craft the path that you want!

All instructors of IndianRaga Academy will follow the curriculum that aligns with the IndianRaga Certification. Taking the certification is free of cost for students who subscribe to the monthly packages of IndianRaga. This curriculum has been carefully designed by experts to train high quality performers of Indian classical music.

In addition, students of IndianRaga Academy will have exclusive and/or discounted access to flagship programs of IndianRaga such as Raga Labs, IndianRaga Fellowship, Monthly Contests, and other opportunities.

We are yet to start enrolling students. Please wait for further communication in this regard. You can fill up the following form with your details and we will communicate to you when open enrollment of students.


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