IndianRaga Championship Leaderboard

IndianRaga Championship 2016 Season: Leaderboard

We are excited to announce IndianRaga Championship and Competitions for musicians and dancers in Beginner, Intermediate and Advanced categories across different age groups. Performance is a critical part of arts training, and we are happy to be able to offer a platform for your talent to be recognized by audiences across the world.

This is how it works. Each month, you get points for participating, being a runner up and for winning, and your score keeps adding up – so its really about being consistent and regular with your training! An ongoing leaderboard will be maintained, where you can look up the leaders in each category and also keep track of your participation and points history. The champions will be announced at the end of 2016.

Next competition:
November: Gratitude
Let’s come together in the spirit of gratitude. Tell us who or what you are thankful for in your life, and offer your artistic tribute dedicated to them. (Please keep the intro to a maximum of 10 seconds)
Submission due: December 4, 2016.
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To learn more about the IndianRaga Championship and the upcoming competitions, please click here.