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Raga Labs are for the best talent only, and offer more flexibility in terms of timing and location. These labs can be conducted in your home city, on the dates of your choice, but a group of 6 talented artists must be brought together by you. The Creative Lead provided by us will be able to travel to your city, and must be hosted by the team.

For more details, check Raga Labs Collaboration Guidelines. .

Application fee is not refundable and our selection panel reviews the suitability of the applicant for the Raga Lab. Applicants who are not selected will be offered 50% discount on IndianRaga Certification so they can get detailed feedback on their performance

Once the group is formed, and everyone registers, the Lab formally starts and someone from the group will take up the responsibility of being the Coordinator and interact with the central Raga Labs team. All processes detailed in the Raga Labs Collaboration document above must be adhered to strictly. Please understand that there is no time bound schedule.  The participants will decide the schedule and frequency of meetings and submit the concept and draft when they are ready to submit.

The program fee is non-refundable and it covers all costs related to audio and video recordings and post production activities. It does not include meals, transportation for participants, or any other costs not mentioned specifically as covered. Selected applicants will be sent the link to register and pay the program fee after the team is formed.

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Application Fee $25
Program Fee $400

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