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Opportunity for talented artists to feature in world-class video collaboration

MIT-founded digital arts education startup IndianRaga operates in over 30 global cities to help artists learn, perform and shine. With over 10 Million views in just 2 years on its video library, the IndianRaga Facebook page is one of the most engaged social media platforms for Indian performing arts. IndianRaga has been recognized by iconic brands like Lincoln Center, Chicago Cultural Center, MIT, NPR, Bank of Tokyo, KPMG etc, and is a member of the International Society for the Performing Arts. By public demand and requests from over a thousand artists, IndianRaga is now launching in Mumbai – Regular Raga Lab in a different format!

What : 4-day Summer Intensive, 3 hours per day in groups of 6-8 musicians and dancers to create a unique, high quality music video. A group of 6-8 musicians or dancers come together to learn an exciting piece of around 6 minutes in an interesting arrangement, get trained in how to perform and present it effectively, and then actually produce a high-quality video of their collaboration!

When : When a group of people in the same genre and proficiency level signup

Where : Mumbai

No payment now! You will be asked to pay only when a Lab is scheduled!

Program Fee :

INR 20,000 to 50,000 per Participant.  Fees varies based on group’s requirements. Includes facilitator fee for all days, audio recording in professional studio, audio editing, video shoot with professional videographers, video editing, launching the video online and promoting it. Each group will have 6-8 artists. All participants will receive a certificate of excellence. Final video will be released online by IndianRaga on its social media channels.

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