India Raga Labs Production Data

India Raga Labs Production Data

This form is to be completed by the Raga Labs Coordinator.

  • Name of the person filling this data
  • Email id of the person filling this form
  • Credits Data

    The following information will go into the credits slides on the video. Pl ensure correct spellings. Email for any queries/suggestions. This information will not be modified later, this will be the final set of info that will go in credits.
  • 1-2 words max
  • 1-2 line description of the piece including composer, raga (if applicable) and what it is based on
  • Mention names of all people or organizations whose help has been critical for the Lab and deserve to be called out. This would include parent coordinator, host for all rehearsals or for video production (if any).
  • Give names of all participants along with the roles with exact spellings the way they would like them to appear on the video. for ex: Vijay Iyer (Vocal) or Nikhil Navekar (Tabla)

Have you checked the costumes page and discussed with the team?

Email for any clarifications.