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Raga Labs in India


1. Raga Labs Talent Hunt
Limited Time Offer: Highly Discounted Launch Pricing!
The best talent is selected and matched into groups through a talent hunt process conducted online. There are 4 Talent Hunt cycles each year, and Labs videos are produced on 4 pre-decided weekends through the year. These dates are pre-fixed and cannot be changed. This program is offered in select cities only, and applicants in neighboring states or cities should be able to travel to the hub city for rehearsals and production. Since multiple groups will do production on the same weekend, we are able to optimize costs and offer this at a significantly lower price point.

We would like to pay tribute to Dr. Balamurali Krishna, so all Carnatic Music Labs in Vizag and Hyderabad will have to select his compositions or pieces that were made very popular by him.

2. Regular Raga Labs
Regular Labs also are for the best talent only, but offer more flexibility in terms of timing and location. These labs can be conducted in your home city, on the dates of your choice, but a group of 6 talented artists must be brought together by you. The Creative Lead provided by us will be able to travel to your city.

For more details, check Raga Labs Collaboration Guidelines. Please refer to the table on the right to better understand the differences between Raga Labs Talent Hunt and Regular Raga Labs.

Application fee is not refundable if you are not selected for the Raga Lab. Applicants who are not selected will be offered 50% discount on IndianRaga Certification so they can get detailed feedback on their performance

If we are unable to form a group within the time specified, we will refund the application fee for the selected applicants, or they can carry it forward to the next cycle.

Once the group is formed, and everyone registers, the Lab formally starts and someone from the group will take up the responsibility of being the Coordinator and interact with the central Raga Labs team. All processes detailed in the Raga Labs Collaboration document above must be adhered to strictly and if the team misses the production deadline for whatever reasons, they will have to wait for the next cycle.

The program fee is non-refundable and it covers all costs related to audio recording and video production in a professional studio environment. It does not include meals, transportation for participants, or any other costs not mentioned specifically as covered.

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Talent Hunt Cities in India
Pune, Vizag, Chennai and Hyderabad


We are in the process  of forming the teams.  There are few vacant slots, so we have kept the application window open.  You can apply till 20th May 2018

Talent Hunt Regular Labs
Location In a hub city In your home city
Production Date Pre-decided You can decide
Group Selection We can create You have to create
Creative Lead Only for Intermediate For all groups
Application Fee INR 500 INR 500
Program Fee Advanced* INR 6,000 see table below
Program Fee Intermediate* INR 7,500 see table below

* Limited Time Offer

Program Fee for Regular Labs
Chennai, Hyderabad, Pune, Vizag INR 15,000
Other Cities INR 20,000

Key deadlines for the Talent Hunt Raga Labs

Applications deadline 30-Apr
Selection process 4-May
Team formation 9-May
Registrations 15-May
Concept Submission 30-May
Draft Submission 14-Jun
Resubmissions, more practice 4-Jul
Audio Recording 14-Jul
Video Recording 15-Jul

Dates for other cycles will be announced later

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