Raga Auditions

Have you ever had to send in a sample of your performance and found yourself with no high quality videos available? Do you want to have a beautiful video that showcases your talent? Then sign up to have your own Raga Audition now!

Let us create a beautiful 5-6 min video, professionally recorded, shot and edited, featuring you! You can use this to submit for contests, college applications, cultural events, or just as a lifelong memory of your talent today.

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What’s Included:
Team : You and upto 2 accompanists
Duration : 2 full hours in the audio studio (including sound check and setup) plus 2 full hours of video shoot (including setup) in an outdoor setting in natural light
Length of piece : About 6 minutes
IndianRaga will manage the audio editing and video editing, and share two drafts with you for review and feedback before finalizing it.

Program Fee: $995 for the entire package. Final videos will be handed over to you, and you can release them on your own channels with credit to Raga Productions. All content will be owned by you.

Additional Services :
In addition to the above, you can add the following services to the package based on your need.
1. Creative Advisors : If you would like to consult an IndianRaga instructor for help with refining or fine-tuning your piece, or suggestions on how to make it better, you can opt for additional sessions via Webex at $49 per hour.
2. Studio Recording and Presentation Tips : If you would like additional prep in advance on how to present effectively in a production environment, we can offer some tips and insights to help you get set at $49 per hour