Interested to work with IndianRaga

Interested to work with IndianRaga?

We are in the process of expanding IndianRaga activities with City Partners as well as individuals who would be willing to explain IndianRaga activities and train students for IndianRaga Programs.

If you are interested to be a City Partner, please check details at and submit the form to show your interest.

If you want to train people towards IndianRaga Programs, please fill up the form below.  We will get back to you when we launch

  • Please leave this empty if you don't have an Institute name.
  • If there are multiple names, please use commas to separate them. At most 4 names allowed.
  • You can find out more about the IndianRaga Certification here .
  • Please enter the link to your Raga Labs video if you have one. You can learn more about Raga Labs here .