IndianRaga Dance Fellowship

IndianRaga Dance Fellowship

On the lines of the highly-successful IndianRaga Fellowship for Indian classical and international musicians, we are introducing a Fellowship for dancers. This highly exclusive network will invite dancers who demonstrate deep and rigorous training in performance and an ability to collaborate with musicians and other artists to create new works that cater to a global audience. IndianRaga will provide professional audio and video production resources, and a space to collaborate with the most talented artists from across North America during the August 1 to 10 2016 period in Boston, USA. Final productions will be released by IndianRaga and promoted extensively through a host of social media and digital channels to promote and showcase the artists involved.

Register Today

Regular Registration Deadline : December 5, 2015
Regular Application Deadline : December 15, 2015
Extended Registration Deadline : December 25, 2015
Extended Application Deadline : January 5, 2016


Application Process
For the application, there will be 2 rounds. For the first round you will be requested to submit some performance links showcasing your individual style. The evaluators will particularly be looking for nritta (pure dancesteps and rhythm) and nritya (expressions, emotions and hand gestures). There is also a dance project proposal that we request. This will include a brief description, but not choreography. Once applicants register for the Fellowship they will receive an email with detailed instructions for Round 1 submission.