What is IndianRaga Fellowship?

IndianRaga Fellowship

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What is the IndianRaga Fellowship?

This is a new-age program where,
1. The best young artists are selected
2. They collaborate with some guidance from the IndianRaga creative panel
3. They come together for 8-10 days and produce high quality videos of their collaborations

The IndianRaga Fellowship is the world’s most prestigious network of performing artists producing the best collaborations and music videos. Past Fellows have performed at Lincoln Center, Chicago Cultural Center, Joe’s Pub, and been featured on NPR. The videos have collectively garnered over 10 million views.

To learn more about the process, see these overview videos to get an idea of the program:

Read our FAQs below. If you still have questions, email info@indianraga.com
Check out some of the most successful productions from the Fellowship:


Q: When and where is the Fellowship?
A: The Regular IndianRaga Fellowship starts applications in September/October and the final Fellowship Week happens during July/August in USA every year. The Limited Edition India Fellowship in 2017 will start applications in April 2017 and final Fellowship Week in Mumbai between 23 and 30 December 2017.

Q: Do all Fellows have to attend the full duration of the Fellowship or can I join for a part of it?
A: No all Fellows do not have to attend all days of the program. They can attend during the days when their productions are scheduled.

Q: Is the Fellowship only for applicants in a certain age group?
A: The Fellowship is open to applicants from all age groups.

Q: Are there any pre-requisites to apply to the Fellowship?
A: No, there are no pre-requisites. Anyone can apply to the Fellowship.

Q: How many productions will each Fellow be able to feature in?
A: There is an upper limit of 4 productions per Fellow as a general rule, so that Fellows are able to invest and focus their time on perfecting their pieces. However, there is no guarantee of 4 productions – only those productions approved by the IndianRaga creative panel in Round 3 will be confirmed.

Q: Do I need to have training and knowledge of other genres than the one that I am trained in to be a Fellow?
A: No, we look for musicians and dancers who have deep knowledge and training in the genre they are applying in, and a willingness to collaborate and open their minds to other art forms. We do not need you to have any previous training or experience in collaboration. We believe that the Fellowship is designed to help you develop the ability to collaborate as long as you are strong in one genre and are open-minded.

Q: Are the music videos based on traditional classical music or is it about new-age explorations?
A: There is no fixed policy on the creative aspect. Fellows are encouraged to come together and work with each other to create music that inspires them and that is relevant to audiences today. The IndianRaga production team will work with you in advance to understand your ideas and help shape the ones that would be most feasible for the Fellowship productions. You can review the productions from past Fellowship years to get some more insight.

Q: What is the cost of attending the Fellowship?
A: There is a non-refundable application fee depending on when you register. And there are no additional fees for Round 2 and Collaboration/Interview Round.

IndianRaga will invest in high quality audio and video production, facilities for rehearsals and production, marketing and promotion of the productions via social media and other channels, and provide creative input and oversight on the collaborations.

Q: Where will the content be released by IndianRaga?
A: IndianRaga will release videos produced at the Fellowship on its YouTube and Facebook channels, with a view to maximizing visibility for Fellows and their collaborations. IndianRaga owns the content produced at the Fellowship and may license it to generate revenue that will be invested in supporting future IndianRaga Fellowships and making more opportunities available to IndianRaga Fellows.

Q: I registered for the Fellowship this year, but I am not able to send in the application due to personal reasons. Would it be possible for me to get a refund?
A: No, the application fee is non-refundable.

Q: Are there any recordings of the “IndianRaga Fellowship Info Webinars” conducted earlier? Can I view the recording?
A: Yes, here are the links to the recording of the sessions conducted for the 2017 Fellowship in USA.

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If you still have questions, email info@indianraga.com