2018 USA Application Fees

Application Fees and Benefits

The IndianRaga Fellowship selection process offers a range of benefits that help artists better understand their strengths and weaknesses. The application fee covers not only the time spent by an international panel of experts to evaluate applications carefully, but also detailed time-stamp based feedback to candidates who do not advance to the next level. Please read below to understand the benefits of participating in the IndianRaga Fellowship Selection Process:

Application Fee:
Early Application: One-time, non-refundable $150
Regular Registration: One-time, non-refundable $175
Note: If you are applying for multiple categories, you can get 20% discount for second and subsequent categories. Please contact info@indianraga.com for coupon code.

What does this include:

1. If you become an IndianRaga Fellow, we spend several thousands of dollars per applicant on the Fellowship productions and collaboration.

2. Fellows are expected to make their own arrangements for travel, accommodation, local transport and meals. However, the IndianRaga team will try to negotiate with suitable budget hotels near the venue to offer special rates for Fellows who wish to avail the same.

3. If you reach Round 3 and do not become a Fellow, you will be offered the opportunity to do one Raga Lab entirely free (worth Program Cost $387) during the Fellowship Week. This includes costs of mentoring and audio-video production.  If you cannot come for the Lab, you can participate at a Regular Raga Lab at 50% discounted price, if you apply within 1 month, subject to forming a team at your location.

4. If you advance to Round 2 and do not get invited to Round 3, you will be able to take any ONE Beginner or Intermediate level (Levels 1-5) of the IndianRaga Certification (Cost $150) entirely free. Please read rules and details at indianraga.com/certification. IN ADDITION, you will get detailed time-stamp based feedback on your Round 2 traditional entry by an expert panel so that you get some insights on what you can do to get better.

5. If you do not get invited to Round 2, you will be able to take any ONE Beginner level (Levels 1-3) of the IndianRaga Certification (Cost $150) entirely free. Please read rules and details at indianraga.com/certification

All IndianRaga Fellowship applicants get a 20% discount on all IndianRaga offerings in addition to the above throughout the year 2018.