IndianRaga Fellowship for Returning Fellows

With over 150 Fellows across multiple genres and geographies, the IndianRaga Fellowship network is shaping up to be the premier global talent pool of the most exciting musicians and dancers today. On the basis of constant requests from Fellows to gain access to the Fellowship experience again, we are putting in place a structure by which we can welcome past Fellows to join more collaborations.

We have also reduced the duration of the Fellowship Week from 10 days to 5 days. This reduces the total cost and time commitment by Fellows, and you also have to only take 2 days off of work/school. Productions will take place on 3 out of the 5 days, targeting between 25 and 30 productions in all during each Fellowship Week thus making it productive and worthwhile to join and be able to do multiple productions.

What is the Benefit for Returning Fellows?
For serious artists, it is important to constantly put out new, high-quality, exciting work with different collaborators. The process of doing collaborations on your own can be costly, time-consuming, and frustrating as it is a complex one involving ideation, remote recording and editing, adhering to timelines, and marketing. Joining the IndianRaga Fellowship makes this all streamlined and efficient for you, at a fraction of the cost, and provides access to one of the most viewed platforms globally for high quality performing arts. It also builds a portfolio of your work that you can share with event managers, organizers and festivals, and keeps your persona fresh in the audience’s mind. More importantly, its a great way to meet Fellows from other years.

As a returning fellow, you also have the advantage of your previous experience to learn from, and build upon it to take your work to the next level. Returning Fellows who are selected will join the Round 3 collaboration round directly without having to go through Rounds 1 and 2.

Eligibility to Re-apply
– Fellows can re-apply as ‘Returning Fellows’ only if
1. They are applying in the same category as they did previously
2. They are in the same seniority as they had previously applied in. For example, if you were a Junior Fellow previously, and are still under the age of 20 then you can apply as a returning Fellow, but if you are now 20+ then you cannot

– If you are applying in a different category than what you were selected in before, please apply through the regular process for new fellows.
– If since your previous Fellowship you have crossed the age of 20, then you must apply through the regular process for new fellows
– There will be few slots reserved for Returning Fellows who are eligible as per the criteria above and are applying through this application. The application fee for past Fellows is discounted to $50, and if they are selected then they will be expected to pay a $250 program fee in addition to supporting the costs of their travel, accommodation and meals during Fellowship week.  The amounts are INR 3,000 (Application fee) and INR 5,000 (Program Fee) for Fellowship Program in India.


There are limited scholarships available for Returning Senior Fellows (Ages 20 and above) to cover the program fee component. To be eligible for a scholarship, the Fellows must take on a set of administrative responsibilities like facilitating regular webinars for Fellowship candidates on general help topics, mentoring Junior Fellow groups on their collaborations, instructing Special Raga Labs at the Fellowship, and managing pre- and post- production planning. The Returning Fellows application form has a section on scholarships where you can indicate if you are interested in being considered for it.

Selection Criteria:

Returning Fellows will be evaluated on the following parameters:
1. The quality of their performances in previous year(s) when they joined the Fellowship, and the quality of their engagement and bonding with other Fellows as observed by the IndianRaga team
2. Uniqueness and diversity of skill sets they bring in terms of their genre, multiplicity of styles, creativity, performance style. Any new skills/genres learned or experience gained since their Fellowship year will be considered favorably.
3. Vision for what they propose to add to this year’s Fellowship, and why that would be fresh and exciting. Willingness to be the creative lead for multiple projects will be a plus.
4. Quality of their continued engagement with IndianRaga since their Fellowship year

Links to apply will be sent to all Fellows separately.

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