2018 India Application Fees

Application Fees and Benefits

The IndianRaga Fellowship selection process offers a range of benefits to help ALL candidates better understand their strengths and weaknesses – feedback from an international panel of experts (not maestros) is embedded into the process regardless of which stage you advance to or not. The application fee covers not only the time spent by an international panel of experts to evaluate applications carefully, but also detailed time-stamp based feedback to candidates who do not advance to the next level. Please read below to understand the benefits of participating in the IndianRaga Fellowship Selection Process:

Application Fee:
Early Bird Application: One-time, non-refundable Rs. 5,000
Regular Application: One-time, non-refundable Rs. 7,000
Note: If you are applying for multiple categories, you can get 20% discount for second and subsequent categories.

What does this include:

1. If you become an IndianRaga Fellow, we spend several lakhs per applicant on the Fellowship productions and collaboration.

2. If you reach Round 3 and do not become a Fellow, you will be offered the opportunity to directly enter into Round 2 of next IndianRaga Fellowship.  Also you will be offered 25% discount on the application fee for that Fellowship.

3. If you advance to Round 2 and do not get invited to Round 3, you will be able to take any ONE level of the IndianRaga Certification (Cost $100) entirely free. Please read rules and details at indianraga.com/certification. IN ADDITION, you will get detailed time-stamp based feedback on your Round 2 traditional entry by an expert panel so that you get some insights on what you can do to get better.

4. If you do not get invited to Round 2, you will be able to take any ONE level of the IndianRaga Certification (Cost $100) entirely free. Please read rules and details at indianraga.com/certification

Felllowship Deposit:
Selected Fellows will have to pay a refundable deposit of $300 to participate in the Fellowship Program.  This amount will be refunded after all the post production activities are complete.  Fellows will forfeit this deposit if they fail to continue in the Fellowship Program for reasons other than immigration and visa issues.

Payment Options:
1. Online Transfer to the bank account.
Please mention the transaction number
2. Cheque Deposit at any of the HDFC Bank branches in your city.
Please mention bank name and cheque number.
Bank account details:
Company Name: iRaga Media Pvt Ltd
Account No: 00298190000401
Account type: Current
Bank Name: HDFC Bank
Branch Name: Kondhwa, Pune
NEFT Code: HDFC0000029

Once payment is done, please proceed to Registration. Please note your registration is valid only after receipt of the fees in our records.

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