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Summary of Fellowships

Scroll down for details of each of IndianRaga’s Fellowships. You can apply to any number of Fellowships in any location. However, once you apply to one location, it is not transferable to another location.

Applications are evaluated on a rolling basis, so you can feel free to apply anytime.

Online Fellowship Music5

Current Status: Open!

Fellowship Deadlines
Applications 15-Dec-2020
Submissions 15-Dec-2020
Selections 20-Dec-2020
Registrations 24-Dec-2020
Collaborations Start 27-Dec-2020
Recordings Start 20-Feb-2021

Online Fellowship Dance4

Current Status: Just Launched!

Fellowship Deadlines
Applications 18-Feb-2021
Submissions 18-Feb-2021
Selections 25-Feb-2021
Registrations 02-Mar-2021
Collaborations Start 07-Mar-2021
Recordings Start 30-Apr-2021

Online Fellowship Music4

Current Status: Applications Closed

Fellowship Deadlines
Applications 15-Oct-2020
Submissions 15-Oct-2020
Selections 20-Oct-2020
Registrations 24-Oct-2020
Collaborations Start 27-Oct-2020
Recordings Start 20-Dec-2020

Online Fellowship Dance3

Current Status: Applications Closed

Fellowship Deadlines
Applications 18-Nov-2020
Submissions 18-Nov-2020
Selections 25-Nov-2020
Registrations 30-Nov-2020
Collaborations Start 04-Dec-2020
Recordings Start 20-Jan-2021

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