Application Process

All musicians between the ages 6-60 are eligible to apply!
Chicago Fellowship

Applying to the IndianRaga Fellowship is a simple, one step process. Just submit a 5 min performance video link. Upon selection, you pay the program fee and collaborate online with others. All Fellows meet at the Fellowship Location for final in-person rehearsals and recordings.

Here is the detailed Process:

  1. Registration:  Please register at the link provided on the Fellowship Details page and pay the Registration Fee.  You will get a notification with the link to submit Round 1 Entry with your performance video.
  2. Selection Round: Submit the Round 1 Entry using the form before the deadline mentioned.
  3. Results: Our panel gives detailed feedback on the performance video submitted along with Selection or otherwise.
  4. Program Fee: If selected, we will ask you to sign the Contract to join the Fellowship and pay the Program Fee and Security Deposit.  Details given on the Fellowship pages as they are specific to each Fellowship.
  5. Collaboration Round:  All Fellows for this Fellowship are introduced to each other so they can start remote collaborations.  They form the teams as per the guidelines that will be shared, brainstorm ideas and submit them for review.
  6. All Fellows meet in person during the Fellowship week at the Fellowship Location for final in-person rehearsals and audio/video recordings.


  1. Each applicant needs to select a category/genre for which he/she is applying. If you wish to apply in multiple categories/genres, you need to register separately for each category/genre.
  2. The categories are Vocal, Instrumental, Percussion, Dance, Production and Poetry/Lyrics. If you do not fall into any of these categories just choose Other and specify what the category is in the form itself. We are constantly looking to add new and diverse categories and genres to the Fellowship. Similarly if the genre is not listed, choose Other and specify the details.
  3. Please submit the Round 1 entry using the form only.  No email submissions will be entertained.
  4. For the performance link, a simple home-made video is fine. The content should reflect your most advanced skills. If you are selected in a particular category/genre, you can only collaborate as an artist in that genre, even if you are skilled in other genres.
    • All vocal and melodic instrumental entries must have a tanpura/sruthi box/iTanpura in the background for Indian classical, semi-classical and film songs.
    • Percussionists must send in videos of them ‘accompanying’ someone, not solo. The artists who is being accompanied will not be evaluated.
    • Dancers can send in videos in practice clothes, it does not have to be full costume
    • Pre-recorded videos such as arangetrams, professionally produced and edited videos are not allowed. The submission must be recorded specifically for the IndianRaga Fellowship.
    • Cameras should absolutely be still and not moving or shaky when the performance is being shot. The lighting should be as bright as possible, natural lighting is preferred. All shots should be in Landscape mode and not Portrait.
    • There should be absolutely no editing or effects added to music tracks for music entries
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