IndianRaga Fellowship: India

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A Limited Edition IndianRaga Fellowship in India!

Location: Mumbai
Duration: 23-30 December 2017

Grab this opportunity to participate in the prestigious IndianRaga Fellowship which has become popular over the last 5 years in USA and brought many budding artists to limelight.  See the wonderful collaborations by the Fellows on our facebook page and youtube channel.

Fellowship Timelines:

Early Cycle Regular Cycle
Round 1 Submission 31-May-17 30-Jun-17
Round 1 Results 15-Jun-17 15-Jul-17
Round 2 Submission 15-Jul-17 31-Jul-17
Round 2 Results 15-Aug-17 15-Aug-17
Round 3 Collaborations 20-Aug-17 till 15-Sep-17
Fellows Selection 01-Oct-17