Contributing Courses to the IndianRaga Educational Platform

If you are interested in contributing courses to our platform, please follow the following steps:

Familiarize yourself with our platform.

Watch our existing content by clicking here.

Choose a song/topic/concept that you want to teach.

We are open to courses about Indian Classical music as well as Bollywood music or music from other genres. You can choose to teach a song, or a series of songs, talk about a particular Raga in depth, teach how to collaborate with other musicians, how to use music software, or just about anything to do with music that you are enthusiastic about and want to share with others.

Organize your course content in a modular form. 

It helps if you can organize the course before starting to record the content. Break up the content in small easy to understand pieces. The outline should give a clear indication of how the course flows.

For example, see this sample outline that was used to build this Instrumental mashup course by Souryadeep Bhattacharyya and Sharada Krishnan.

Record a few sample modules.

Once you have an outline ready please record a few sample modules based on this outline.

Submit the course outline and sample recordings for approval. 

Please use this link to submit your proposed outline and sample recordings. At this point you will receive feedback from IndianRaga on the structure of the course and suggestions for recording/editing based on the samples that you submit.

Once approved:

Complete recording the remaining content. Edit it to make sure that the audience has a great experience watching these videos. Add suitable titles, sub-titles as required.

You will receive login credentials to our teaching platform, where you can upload your videos and relevant information. Complete all the recordings and upload the content!

Monetize the content

You can choose to monetize the content. The revenue split will be 50-50 between instructors and IndianRaga. Instructors can suggest a price for the course. IndianRaga reserves the right to offer promotions etc. as it sees fit in order to promote the material and get higher audience engagement. The exact details will be outlined in the instructor contract.

Special offer!!

If you submit your course outline and samples by 15th January and complete the course upload by 30th January, you get to keep 70% of the revenue! Instructors who successfully take advantage of this offer will also get an extension of the special offer to put up a second course by February.