IndianRaga Competitions: Tips and Best Practices

Guidelines and Best Practices for IndianRaga Monthly Contest Participants

  • Content
    1. Applicants in Advanced categories are encouraged to showcase advanced techniques of improvization (Carnatic/Hindustani), or nuances that are expected of an advanced category applicant
    2. 3-5 mins is the ideal time limit for entries. We will accept entries that are shorter or longer too, but please note that selection panel will evaluate parts of it and is not expected to see the entire performance if it is longer
    3. If you are participating in multiple months, please do NOT repeat your entries. We reserve the right to disqualify a repeat performance even if it is of high quality.
    4. We do not encourage autotune or pitch correction for singers, and would prefer that dancers submit pieces that are continuous and unedited. Our selection panel reserves the right to disqualify entries that seem to have been tampered with to boost quality through artificial means of any form.
  • Presentation
    1. Please do not have any idols, religious elements or portraits of Gods in the video. IndianRaga reserves the right to not feature such videos on our social media even if the performer is selected as a winner
    2. How to Shoot a Good Video : We do not expect professionally produced videos, but at a bare minimum please have a plain background, bright lighting, and an angle such that the performer is looking straight at the camera horizontally instead of down at it. Please also do not have shaky cameras. See this video for some more guidelines and best practices