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Theme for October:

Competition Entry Form

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Please note that you cannot resubmit an entry submitted earlier.

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Submission deadline:
October 31, 2020
Results will be announced in 2-3 weeks

Non Refundable Application Fee :
INR 2065 for individual entry (1750 + GST 315)
INR 2891 for group entry (2450 + GST 441)

Bank account details:
Company Name: iRaga Media Pvt Ltd
Account No: 00298190000401            Account type: Current
Bank: HDFC Bank, Kondhwa, Pune    IFSC Code: HDFC0000029

We are happy to offer special packages for the regular contest participants for the 2020 season.  Buy a Package

Eligibility and Categories :
Open to dancers and musicians from any genre!
You can apply in any category that you feel comfortable, but if you need help figuring out which one you belong to, here’s a rough estimate
BEGINNER : Less than 3 years of training
INTERMEDIATE : 3 to 6 years of training
ADVANCED : More than 6 years of training

  • Carnatic Music
  • Hindustani Music
  • Semi-classical/folk/devotional/regional music
  • Movie Songs
  • Classical Dance
  • Semi-classical/Folk/Fusion/Bollywood Dance
  • Digital/Electronic Music

1. For the classical music categories electronic or regular tanpura is mandatory, any other basic accompaniment is not mandatory but you can feel free to have it.
2. Try to have a plain background. Please do not have any portraits or pictures of Gods, or any other religious symbolism in the videos.
3. There is no time limit. Please make it as short or as long as you like, and are able to hold audience attention.
4. You can submit links of previous performances as long as the main applicant is seen/heard clearly.
5. Each applicant can submit more than one entry if he/she chooses, but maximum one entry per each category is allowed.