IndianRaga Collaboration Credits Data

This form is to be filled by the Coordinator of the Collaboration Project.
The data provided will be directly used for the opening and closing slides of the video.
The final audio must be ready before going for video production, so please upload .wav and .mp3 files and submit the links here.
We have standardized usage of dropbox for all file uploads. IndianRaga can send a file request to upload the video files by all the participants of the production. Please provide email ids.
Once the videos are uploaded, please send a mail to to initiate post-production activity.

  • Name of the Team Lead
  • Email ID of the Team Lead
  • 1-2 words max
  • 1-2 line description of the piece . This will go into the video
  • Give names of all participants along with the roles with exact spellings the way they would like them to appear on the video. for ex: Vijay Iyer (Vocal) or Nikhil Navekar (Tabla)
  • Please specify Audio Recording and Mixing Credits
  • Please specify name(s) of Videographers
  • Wav file link of the final audio
  • Mp3 file link of the final audio
  • Special Instructions for video editing along with a reference video that they can use to edit
  • Please provide description to be used as text for the Youtube and Facebook posts. Include any artist page links to be tagged