IndianRaga is excited to launch four exciting on-ground projects in Boston. Please read below for details:

Raga Fellowship

Raga Labs

Feature in a high-quality music video!
Raga Labs brings together a group of 6-8 musicians to produce a high-quality music video. All genres are welcome, and we can help you learn and perfect the music piece.

Apply here or email


Raga Music Lessons

Learn Raga music, perform with us and shine!
– Teaching aimed at helping students perform and present regularly
– Launching Foundation Courses in :

o Carnatic and Hindustani Classical Vocal
o Bollywood Songs and Mashups
o Vocal Technique, Presentation Skills
o Audio Recording and Preparing for Competitions

Venue : 50 Milk St, Boston. Time : Weekday Evenings or Weekends

Apply here or email

Apoorvaa Pic

Indian Raga Music Appreciation Session

Ever wondered what Indian raga music is all about? How do Indian raga artists perform for extended durations with most of the content being completely improvized? Come and get to know how a traditional raga music performance is structured, how it connects to global music and how to appreciate it!
RSVP to – Entry is FREE for everyone!

Date : June 17, Friday, 6 to 8 pm. Venue : Venture Café, One Broadway.

Fellows and Ambassadors

Course on Arts Training in College Applications

Impress AdComs and get into your dream school!
Learn Tips and Tricks to tell a great story!
For the first time, a course uniquely focused on arts training in college applications

Key Features

§ Insights from experienced Admissions Consultant
§ Interviews with recent admits to top schools
§ Detailed examples and common pit falls
§ Course videos available 24×7
§ Option to get review and in-person feedback from experts
Interested? Sign up here or email us at