2017 Competitions

IndianRaga Competitions 2017

We are excited to announce IndianRaga Competitions for Indian musicians and dancers in Beginner, Intermediate and Advanced categories across different age groups. Performance is a critical part of arts training, and we are happy to be able to offer a platform for your talent to be recognized by audiences across the world. There is a new contest every month on a different theme. The entries will be evaluated on the basis of technique, creativity and other aspects. Winning performances will be showcased on the IndianRaga Facebook and other social media channels for the world to see, and we hope you find this to be an exciting opportunity to keep growing and performing!

IndianRaga Members are allowed to submit one free entry in any one Application Category each month.  If they wish to participate in more than one category, they need to pay the entry fees or buy any of the special packages that are offered.

Participants can send more than one entry in a particular category by paying appropriate entry fees but only one entry per month will be considered for the Leaderboard positions.

Current Month ContestPast Results

We are happy to offer special packages for the regular contest participants for the 2017 season.  Buy a Package

Benefits of IndianRaga Monthly Contests

  1. Regularity and Practice : You get a meaningful goal and motivation per month to practice, perfect and present. Say goodbye to procrastination and get regular with your performance!
  2. Global Platform : With high-quality participants applying from all over the world, you get to know where you stand in your genre and learn from peers
  3. Performance and Mentorship Opportunity : Winners of the IndianRaga Championship get to join us at the IndianRaga Champions Meet next year at the IndianRaga Fellowship, meet other Champions, and participate in individual and group performance opportunities and mentorship sessions!
  4. Features on Social Media : Winners in each category every month are promoted through IndianRaga’s highly popular social media channels. Your work gets showcased to thousands of connoisseurs and audiences across the world, and many of our past contest winners have start becoming popular amongst audiences!
  5. Discounted Feedback Opportunities : Contest participants get discounts on IndianRaga Certification, and specialized individual feedback opportunities with our panel of experts. Our unique, timestamp-based, detailed feedback is actionable and meaningful, and will help you know exactly what your strengths and weaknesses are and how to work on them!

Guidelines and Best Practices for IndianRaga Monthly Contest Participants

  • Content
    1. Applicants in Advanced categories are encouraged to showcase advanced techniques of improvization (Carnatic/Hindustani), or nuances that are expected of an advanced category applicant
    2. 5-6 mins is the ideal time limit for entries. We will accept entries that are shorter or longer too, but please note that selection panel will evaluate parts of it and is not expected to see the entire performance if it is longer
    3. If you are participating in multiple months, please do NOT repeat your entries. We reserve the right to disqualify a repeat performance even if it is of high quality.
    4. We do not encourage autotune or pitch correction for singers, and would prefer that dancers submit pieces that are continuous and unedited. Our selection panel reserves the right to disqualify entries that seem to have been tampered with to boost quality through artificial means of any form.
  • Presentation
    1. Please do not have any idols, religious elements or portraits of Gods in the video. IndianRaga reserves the right to not feature such videos on our social media even if the performer is selected as a winner
    2. How to Shoot a Good Video : We do not expect professionally produced videos, but at a bare minimum please have a plain background, bright lighting, and an angle such that the performer is looking straight at the camera horizontally instead of down at it. Please also do not have shaky cameras. See this video for some more guidelines and best practices

Monthly Competitions Championship – 2017 Season

We are launching the IndianRaga Championship – 2017 Season! This is how it works. Each month, you get points for participating, being a runner up and for winning, and your score keeps adding up – so its really about being consistent and regular with your training! An ongoing leaderboard will be maintained, where you can look up the leaders in each category and also keep track of your participation and points history. The champions will be announced at the end of 2017.

Please note that the same entry cannot be repeated in different months.

Here is how you earn points monthly:
points for Participation
points for being declared a Runner Up
points for being declared a Winner

Current Month Contest Open

February : Tribute to Composers/Choreographers. Pick your favorite composer/choreographer, say a line or two (max) about him/her and present one of their compositions that you really like!

Submission due: February 28, 2017
Apply Here

Past Results

Special packages

The monthly themes for the 2017 Championship are:

January : Let’s have an exuberant start to the New Year with fast-paced performances. Present anything that you like which is fast-paced, for both music and dance categories.

February : Tribute to Composers/Choreographers. Pick your favorite composer/choreographer, say a line or two (max) about him/her and present one of their compositions that you really like!

March : Rama / Basant (Spring). Present a piece on or related to Lord Rama OR present something related to Basant / Spring.

April : Devi / Mothers’ Day Special : Present a piece that is dedicated to moms, or is a tribute to Devi

May: The theme for this month is ‘Joy’. Spring/Summer is coming, which means vacation, bright weather and lots of reasons to be happy and cheerful!

Choose a song/choreography that:
1. Fills you with joy or happiness! (there doesn’t have to be a reason why it makes you happy), OR
2. Is based on the theme of joy or happiness, OR
3. Has a happy, playful tune!

June : Shiva. Present a piece that is on or related to Lord Shiva

July : Krishna. Present a piece that is on or related to Krishna

August : Let’s celebrate the God who loves music and dance! Perform your favorite piece in praise of Lord Ganesha as we gear up for the auspicious and fun-filled Ganesh Chaturthi!

September : Let’s bring in the Dasara festive season with a performance on the theme of Navrathri, or on the theme of Devi.

October : Rama / Diwali : As the festival of lights marks the victorious return of Rama to Ayodhya, chime in with your best performance on either the theme of Diwali OR on Rama!

November : Thanksgiving / Inspiration. Show your gratitude to your favorite artist or maestro who inspired you to love your art even more. Present a piece that was made popular by them, or a piece that you would like to dedicate to them. Please VERY BRIEFLY mention a line or two (max) about them before you start.

December : Finale. Present a piece that would usually be presented towards the end of a performance. A Thillana / Tarana would be the most obvious choice but feel free to be creative. You can also perform a fast-paced piece in your genre if you like.

Past Competition Results – 2017 Championship Season

Click to see January competition results

Applicant name City Application Category Level of Proficiency Result Submission Link
Navatman Group New York Carnatic Music Advanced Winner https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=isGyOJcq_L8
Sowmya Lakshmi Srinivasan Dubai Carnatic Music Advanced Winner https://youtu.be/-IeQojsUrtE
Apoorva Rajesh San Ramon Carnatic Music Beginner Winner https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=N3vLRmj2PJU
Sanjana Devarajan Chicago Carnatic Music Beginner Winner https://youtu.be/NGA0M9pzoM4
Ranjuanu Group Bangalore Carnatic Music Intermediate Winner https://drive.google.com/open?id=0B5ov6BNfTRmna2ZNbHZBY2dtNFE
SinduraSridhar Reading Carnatic Music Intermediate Winner https://youtu.be/mX9t9S617PQ
Gokul Shyam Sundar Jebal Ali Gardens Carnatic Music Intermediate Winner https://youtu.be/z9Mw5AvJGMQ
Shruthisri Ravisankar San Jose Classical Dance Advanced Winner https://m.youtube.com/watch?v=ekTlZjF7kWE
Gouri Kallambella NORMAL Hindustani Music Beginner Winner https://youtu.be/GEGhJYAFv4k
Sayli Limaye Kendall Park Hindustani Music Intermediate Winner https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=9YW1fIYRj3Y
Subbarayan Ramanathan Collierville Semi-classical Intermediate Winner https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=_l8q8kE3skw
Vittal Thirumalai FREMONT Carnatic Music Advanced Runner Up https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=7EFrRWYCTms
Manasi Krishna Kumar Morrisville Carnatic Music Advanced Runner Up https://youtu.be/TRhpcGayU-Y
Ananya Tirumala Hyderabad Carnatic Music Beginner Runner Up https://drive.google.com/file/d/0B9rDZ0gLlE5IWWUwcGFpV1I2Q1U/view?usp=drivesdk
Chinmayi Balusu Folsom Carnatic Music Intermediate Runner Up https://youtu.be/-ZRMRp_v-9s
Avyay Natarajan Dayton Carnatic Music Intermediate Runner Up https://youtu.be/ZhLWbSFY3Os
Lavanya Karthikeyan Somerset Carnatic Music Intermediate Runner Up https://youtu.be/0ANlZSKAQNw
VRISHANK RAMNATH NAPERVILLE Carnatic Music Intermediate Runner Up https://youtu.be/dD3Bxh8KR8s
Pooja Viswesh Redmond Carnatic Music Intermediate Runner Up https://youtu.be/Vw08s9dLsP0
Srinija Adibhatla Cleveland Classical Dance Advanced Runner Up https://youtu.be/nCqKwoz717M
Lavanya Karthikeyan Somerset Classical Dance Intermediate Runner Up https://www.dropbox.com/s/8puxq3eoeqwy36p/Lavanya%20-%20Nataraja%20Prabhandham.MOV?dl=0
Sara Phondge Morganville Hindustani Music Beginner Runner Up https://youtu.be/V_EQrXQlLHo